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I love twitter. I follow friends, and family, strangers, and news media, brands and infosec twitter, art twitter and weird twitter, lefttube and bots… It’s gotten messy and frustrating… and scary and rage inducing. and I love it… but…

I want to bring all of my friends and strangers to the top of my social network feed again, and leave the rest on twitter. I want to kill the ads and the tracking. I want to ignore the brands. I want to be with people.

So to all of my Australasian friends, family, strangers and connected weirdos, I welcome you to join me on Aus.Social and let’s be among friends again.

Aus.Social Mastodon Mascot

Aus.Social is part of the Mastodon network with millions of other users… but we have a rich Australasian focused local feed — Aus.Social is over a month old, with 170 members at time of writing, but server can handle so much more :)

Reasons to consider using Aus.Social?!

Aus.Social is built for people, build for Australasians. It’s fast, secure and stable. It’s not going anywhere.

Aus.Social has no ads, no trackers, no brands, no spam (hopefully) and custom emojis. Aus.Social is personal.

Mastodon has a real time chronological order timeline (hoorah).
Mastodon is opensource. It’s adding features and improving every month.

I have no plans or expectations to replace twitter in my own or anybodies life, but I look forward to hearing about my friends lives and adventures straight and in order on my Aus.Social feed instead of getting lost in the twitter void. I’d love to see more strangers, community groups and social circles running down my feed.

I never wanted to straight up spam and as such, this is one of three messages I’ve sent directly to the unsuspecting twitterverse, then quickly felt bad about it — as such, I’ve decided against directly messaging anybody else… but the sentiment below still stands.

I’d like to foster meetups and connections that were common in the first few years of twitter.

Free feel to join us — invite your friends, grow the feed and tell me how you feel at

Share and share alike. Toot On.

(Updated) Because Mastodon is built on the idea of federation and decentralisation. There is a number of other Australian Mastodon Instances with a common shared goal. The ecosystem is growing quickly, check them out at: — run by @daedalus — run by @mike — run by @hynx — run by @ashkyd — run by @hugo — run by @hugh


We’re currently running on $1000 of credited funds from AWS. I’m aiming to be open with the monthly costs and hopefully setup donations to cover the $40–60 I’d expect to be invoiced every month. While there is no such thing as a free lunch, this service is not going to drown anybody in debt. I’ll likely do a donation drive once the credits runs out. Depending on how quickly we grow will speed this decision, but everything will be managed and as transparent as possible.

Please get in contact with me at