many of our friends, while wealthier and more successful than us, had objectively shittier lives
The Power of Anti-Goals
Andrew Wilkinson

Interesting. I’ve wondered when enough is enough for successful people (success compared to me I suppose). I was thinking about it the other day. I have someone in mind and am thinking “I want to be where he is”, for my business to be successful like his. But I’m not thinking of Elon Musk or anything (well, sometimes), more like a product that just hit $1m ARR. So guaranteed he’s thinking the same thing but about someone/something else.

When does that stop? Does it ever? How do you stop? What do you replace it with? Is this sort of mindset ever helpful, like in the beginning, and should be shed later?

There’s this quote that I like, though I can’t remember who said it right now; “comparison is the thief of joy”. It rings so true to me. It’s crazy to think that unless you are literally the #1 richest person in the world you can always play that game of comparison if the metric is only money. You can always make more, and never stop and be happy.

What is success? If I learn to stop comparing and be happy, will that some how counteract ambitions for my business? Is some kind of comparison useful? Are rich and successful people happy? What is happiness to them, and success?

Anyways, just some random thoughts.