How the Best Managers Keep Star Talent
Matt Trainer

Having just finished a short-term contract role, I can personally attest that this looks and sounds and feels all too familiar…Reflecting back on my success, it’s clear that at least part of my success was the result of strong leadership, high communication and a solid basis of trust with my senior leaders.

Often we experience good coaching but that doesn’t necessarily make us able to emulate it. As a coach and mentor myself, this diagram (i’m a sucker for a good chart/visual) is perfect. It offers those travelling that tangent reassurance and gives confidence for those coaching team-members through the process to speak candidly and act decisively with the ‘right’ or ‘best’ support of the moment.

This is a very helpful tool and something I plan on putting to use immediately — like, on Monday when I start the new role. Perhaps this time around I will be better prepared for and more self-aware of my ‘trough of despair’…and will have the wine fridge stocked accordingly :)

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