5 Highly Effective Ways to Make Your Presentation More Memorable
Larry Kim

There is indeed a power that comes from a sharing a personal experience in a compelling, relatable and — if you’re good — humorous way. We use labels like writer and speaker and author and columnist and many others but the compelling out there are story tellers who draw us in, regardless of the medium.

I think it has to be your story, and not just a story you tell — your unique and personal experiences, even if that is a reflection on the thoughts of others, are what has, in my limited experience, resonated with readers/consumers.

My cheeks get super red when I first start speaking so visual distractions early on in a presentation or a talk is a brilliant suggestion and one I will begin using immediately. Another benefit is that it will give me a legitimate reason to surf endlessly for the ‘perfect meme’ for my presentation and shout “I’m working!” at anyone who observes said activity and accuses me of douching around wasting time…

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