How you can make your brain working better. Help your creativity.

I was always big fun of tricks, that can help me to do things better, faster, quicker.

I love to talk to people and ask them for an advice about little things I can do to improve the way I work.

I spend most of my day on meetings, calls, emails. So I keep shifting from one task to another pretty often. I rarely work on something for longer than 1 hour. I need to focus for a short period of time, but it need to be real focus. Afterwards I call somebody, I answer emails, I keep the communication going. Shifting attention permanently.

I have realised that creativity is my weapon and I need it to get business done — which is my priority. I build companies from scratch. I need to be creative because otherwise I can be easily replaced. The only machine I have is my brain. So I have to use it properly. Here is few tips:

  1. Change environment which is around you — let your desk to be everywhere — in Starbucks, co-working space, at the airport, on the plane. Surround yourself with different environment every few days. Colour of the walls, noise, people around, number of chairs etc. all of those forces any brain to deliver ideas. Different stimulus. Different reaction. Different results.
  2. Don’t pack your day with tasks. Leave space for being bored. Everybody knows that brain is a muscle. It needs to rest. You can’t predict when your brain will be tired. So leave space in your daily schedule, when everybody knows you are unavailable. Slip out of the office and take a short nap in your car. Be back into office, fresh and ready to radiate with energy. Trust me — your brain will be working for you, throwing out creative ideas.
  3. If you don’t deliver value to a meeting, jump into troubles. How many times you have participated the meeting which was either boring or you just felt useless. Leave. Don’t worry about people who will say “oh my god, he left, what now”. You can explain later what happened. When brain is under a pressure it searches for a solution. Mother Nature is prepared for getting us out of the troubles. We need to survive the elephant attack so Mother Nature gave us a brain. Trust your brain. If you can’t deliver value. Leave. Your brain will help you to come back with the value.
  4. Switch. Don’t be too one task focused. Expect, unexpected.

Watch your mind. If you working on task A you might experience your brain talking to you quietly about solution for the task B. Switch to task B now and start working on it. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop the hint. Period.

5. Last but not least — don’t work while you are hungry. You need glucose (don’t get me wrong, glucose is in rice, good bread, meat, forget about sweets and snacks).

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