Outsourcing life to Apple Watch.

I have always been a big fan of technologies that can automate my life in those areas that if automated increase my productivity. Apple Watch is a big part of it.

Many people told me that smartwatch is nothing but a watch. Simply for checking time and for few reminders. I strongly disagree after a year of being Apple Watch owner.

here is why……

I have my routines:



Eating (like everybody, no exception, even robots need energy).


Sleeping (like everybody except for robots).

Building habits that I want / need.

Each of those routines I have outsourced to the watch.

here is how…..

I believe that one app should be for one thing. So I have app for reminding and tracking my supplements program. Not only reminding, but tracking too. Whenever I need to show my personal trainer what kind of supplements and when I took, the app is there. My doctors asks, I am ready to answer.

Exercising and routines / sets. There is an app I use called STRONG. I have morning exercises (sets) and evening ones (sets) as well. All of them designed by my personal trainer (human being). Routines are configured in the app. When I hit the gym, I start the app. I don’t need to think what to practice. The routine is there. Here is my Apple Watch face I turn on when I am working out.

You can see STRONG app (barbell) in the right, lower corner. Timer in the middle (I use it for sets breaks). Original Apple Watch Activity App on the right (I track my steps, bpms and calories. BMPs are important for cardio exercises). Music app for podcasts. The face of the watch makes it so easy to focus while working out. I have all I need on one screen.

Face for the weekend. Weekend is for family and maybe 2 hours of work. So I have habits I want to coin. One of them is teaching my son to play chess, another drinking water and going offline (the hardest one, I can’t imagine 12 hours without online presence). I use the app Streaks for helping me to learn habits like playing chess or being offline.

The app with blue drop keeps me reminding to drink a certain amount of water. It tracks it too. I love it. The weekend face of Apple Watch keep me focusing on the things I want. Weekend is productive too. I stoped distracting myself. I focus on proper behaviour.

Face for the night is pretty simple. All I care about is weather in the morning, meditation in the morning and alarm. All of them are on my Night Apple Watch face. I open eyes in the morning. I meditate immediately. Afterwards, I choose clothes which I need according to the weather conditions. And then switch my face to Working Out face if I have a workout or to Business face if I don’t have work out day.

Face for the business is pretty simple. I need to run according to my schedule (I click date icon and there is my day schedule) to deliver what I have promised. I need to drink water. I need to take my supplements (I use app Round which sits in the lower, right corner and reminds me to take supplements) and my habits app. Habits app remind me about different things during a business day than during weekend (here you see chess thing).

I have found Apple Watch and apps to be extremely important in my life. I outsource what is possible there. I never miss supplements, drinking, meeting. Moreover I work on myself and build my habits more effectively. I started to take care about offline time and getting up and meditating.

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