Day 233: Health and Lifestyle

On August 1st, Wil and I stopped eating added sugar.

Eight days ago, we cut all sugar, grains, pasta, rice, even potatoes from our diet. That’s right, almost all carbs in any form. We adopted the ketogenic lifestyle where we get most of our energy from fat.

Yup. Butter, bacon, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, steak. And lots of it.

Around 70% of our calories now come from fat.

Why did we do this?

Are we suicidal?

Nope. Far from it!

When we were first married, Wil and I decided to systematically remove from our lives any thing that distracts us from God, and the life he wants for us.

It’s no secret that our family has been pretty serious about getting healthy. The reason for this is simple, and the Bible is very clear on this.

One addiction that has plagued our family is sugar. I knew that the more sugar I ate, the more hypoglycemic I became, the worse my mood swings and period cramps. At 32, I struggle with terrible acne. I was constantly bloated and continued to gain weight.

A couple months ago, two people in one day mentioned that sugar and grains may be the culprit. So, naturally I set out to investigate this. The information was so compelling, Wil and I agreed to cut sugar from our lives, at least for a while.

Here are the speeches that were particularly influential in our decision. Watch and listen for yourselves if you’re interested.

So, we eat things like this:

Bacon and cream cheese wrapped baked chicken with a ton of broccoli (our dinner tonight).

And it’s delicious.

After the first 7 days of being carb free, I’ve lost 6 pounds, and 3 inches from my waist or hips. I feel great, and no longer have cravings, mood swings, headaches, or brain fog. My acne is getting better. I have more energy.

Side Note: I had an eye exam yesterday, and my prescription decreased from -2.75 to -2.25. It is probably not related to sugar at all, but I do feel like my body is becoming stronger and healthier slowly, so I’m excited and hopeful.