Day 28: Planning

Today was a busy day.

Newspring has an all staff meeting every month. I’ve been coming to every single one since we got married.

You see, the Perry Noble you see each week, is the same you see at all staff. Times 100.

He is a phenomenal leader, and he is a fantastic leadership trainer.

There is no sugar coating or mincing words. It’s getting into God’s word and pulling real life applications into practice.

I feel like I won the lottery by being married to a Newspring staff member and being allowed to come to these meetings. I get free leadership training!

And! And, and, and! They are starting mandatory formal leadership training for the staff this year. Stuff like public speaking, networking, negotiations, and other REAL WORLD applicable leadership skills. AND I’M ALLOWED TO GO!


Naturally, this is going to help me help my husband in his ministry in a very real way, BUT don’t forget…I’m a business manager! This is GOLD!

I feel like God is allowing me to invest in me, in my career, into my skill set…FOR FREE!

I’m so excited.

In case you couldn’t tell.


Natalia, calm down.


Tomorrow morning is my biopsy. I’m gonna be ok. It will all be over very quickly and with very little pain or discomfort. I’m claiming that reality right now.


There are two things I’m cooking on in this never resting brain of mine.

  1. I am formulating an action plan and a business model to start a small CSA farm in our back yard. The idea is that people in the community support the farm by buying a share in that farm, and in return get produce from the farm each week. I want to do a year of beta testing on this concept this year. Starting with 10 boxes per week for 30 weeks. That will give us wiggle room to regroup if we have issues with storms and weather. My goal is to monetize this hobby of mine to the extent that we don’t lose any money, and we are able to have enough surplus to give away a few boxes a week to families in need, and invest in a master gardener class for me so I can launch this venture next year with a bang.
  2. We are also looking to start a charitable venture where brides can donate their used wedding gowns and we turn them into tiny gowns for babies that were stillborn or died shortly after birth. These would be donated to various hospitals in this area. Another sweet lady from church and I have a meeting scheduled with a grief coordinator at a hospital in Greenville next Wednesday to discuss the logistics of this venture.

Well, there you have it folks. Ordinary people, doing God’s work the best that we know how.

Please keep us in your prayers. We have a busy few months coming up.

May God bless every one of you.