Day 29

So today was the dreaded biopsy.

I’ll go ahead and get it out of the way.

For his part in today, my husband gets a gold star. Seriously.

He let me sleep in, took our little guy to breakfast and dropped him off at school. Then he drove me to the appointment, and only made fun of my being high a little bit. Then he got me sushi for lunch, let me sleep, and cooked dinner.

Here is why I know every last bit of this situation is a God thing:

1. Everything happened so quickly.

2. The nurse today is also married to a pastor.

3. Because I’m prone to nervous chatter, I was able to share my testimony before and after the biopsy with the doctor and the nurse today.

4. When I mentioned the gowns for angel babies project to her, she had already heard about it from a friend. We put feelers out there for Intel a few weeks ago when we were initiating this project.

5. She was able to give me positions and some names of people (labor and delivery managers, grief coordinators, nicu nurses, etc) that I needed to talk to in various hospitals in this area.

6. As for the biopsy today, she said that everything looked very mild, and we may not even need to do an intervention if the pathologist confirms what she suspects.

7. I didn’t realize this before, but my periods stabilized significantly and became a whole lot less painful a few months ago. For the first time in my life.

8. When I told her my son started speaking a few months ago and our dietary changes, she asked if I was doing that same diet. It’s very likely my diet improved my cycles… along with my quitting smoking.

9. It is possible that my body is just healing itself right now.

I’m starting to get an strange sense that everything happens for a purpose, and no movement is wasted.

I never would have met this doctor had it not been for this abnormal test. I never would have shared my testimony or received great info on what our next step in our project should be.

God never ceases to amaze me.