Day 47: The Power of Us

I find it amazing that I can work so hard, but feel lazy at the same time.

I literally had to sit down from exhaustion yesterday. I worked, came home, worked some more, went to Daena’s to grab supplies, went home and cooked dinner.

And yet, I feel like it’s not enough.

Today, I worked from home so I would have less distractions, and I actually caught myself feeling lazy.

While I was WORKING.

What is up with THAT?!

I took some time to think about that today.

Is it simply me listening to the wrong voice? We all know there is an enemy that is a fantastic liar, and rejoices in destroying and stealing our joy.

I feel when days like this happen, I need to identify my truths, and to speak that truth into my negative thoughts. To convince myself that I am being effective, and to motivate myself to continue taking next steps.

So, I will do that.

Not to boast, but to speak my truth.

  • At work, we were up by 97% for the week from 2015 to 2016.
  • Overall, we are experiencing a 74% growth year to date from 2015 to 2016.
  • We completed and launched our company website.
  • We have a functioning customer database that allows us to serve our customers more effectively.
  • We are two weeks into SewLoved, and we have already:
  1. Set up our board of directors, and elected our officers. We defined our individual roles and have been successfully functioning within those roles.
  2. We filled out the articles of incorporation and created a complete set of bylaws.
  3. We met with a lawyer and were counseled as to our next steps, and received a checklist of required filings.
  4. We have collected over a dozen wedding dresses, and fully processed one gown to test the functionality of our stencils and list of instructions.
  5. We have connected with talent that created a working pattern for booties for SewLoved, and had the pattern tested for effectiveness.
  6. We have active volunteers that are making items for us as we speak.
  • For the garden, I planted 5 dozen seeds today, and if the weather behaves, I’ll be working the soil in the next week.
  • I have also been writing almost everyday.
  • I have maintained daily devotionals with my husband that have been instrumental in the improvement of both our attitudes at home and at work.
  • I managed to cook and feed my family a healthy diet at least a couple days a week.
  • Everyone is alive, healthy, clothed, fed, clean, and generally content in this family.
  • My husband told me today that he’s proud of me.

If you break it down like this, I am kicking some major tail.

And I need, and deserve, a vacation.

Just kidding.

I wouldn’t have accomplished a third of any of that if I wasn’t surrounded by amazing, talented, and supportive people.

Truth be told, I am responsible with none to very little of the pattern making and sewing at SewLoved.

But, that’s the joy of being part of a team, you can simultaneously take all of the credit, and none of it.

For example, Wil and I are a force of nature when we’re together. We can accomplish three times more than what we can each accomplish individually.

I was struck today, by how much Wil does around here and for us. How did I function before he came along?

No wonder I had to smoke, and drink buckets of coffee. I was in a perpetual state of exhaustion. Functioning on adrenaline and chocolate.

A single mom is a force of nature. She is used to functioning for two. Give her adequate support, and her output doesn’t double, it multiplies.

I wasn’t that good.

But now I have this amazing guy that wakes me up with coffee every morning and writes me notes that he hides in my laptop. This same guy washes the dishes and folds the laundry because he is just as invested in this relationship as I am.

He encourages me, and is my voice of reason.

He know what to say, when to say it, and when to pray about it.

He works harder than I do every day.

I am a blessed, blessed woman.

I can do anything because my source of strength has limitless energy, potential, and power. And He renews my strength, and when I’m tapping out, Wil is there to fill in the gaps.