Day 7

I made it one full week! Woohoo!

Seriously, this is much harder than it seems. Your mind becomes this colander, where you dump all the day’s events and decide what’s gonna be immortalized on the internets for all eternity. It’s intimidating.

Today was a looong work day. We are doing great, but more revenue equals more issues. There are new employees to train. There are more customers you have to satisfy. There are more supplies required. And the list goes on. Currently, I’m the only one that knows how to use the embroidery program that we use for monograms. We hired a girl that has extensive commercial embroidery experience, but her English is abysmal, and guess what language this software is in? Let’s just say the learning curve is bigger than usual.

Also, I have to be more patient with the customers that think they know how to do your job better than you. I’m learning to bite my tongue, and I’ve installed a mirror across from my desk, so I can school my poker face better. I have way to much “edge”.

Today, Wil had his report of findings appointment with the chiropractor. Apparently, he has a herniated disk in his lower back, and it’s causing some serious pain.

****technical difficulties****

Y’all, I just wrote this amazing and long blog post telling you EVERYTHING. Being incredibly witty and funny and smart. It was the greatest blog post ever written. And then, this stupid app just decided to freeze on me, reload, and erase the last 2/3 of everything! Ugh! I will never get those words back!

The shame!

I seriously can’t remember what I wrote and trying to recreate what I wrote is just going to make me angry and tired and lose my peace. So, I’m just gonna give the cliff notes.

  1. My hubby is AWESOME.
  2. My son is AWESOME.
  3. The chiropractor is confident we can get Wil pain free, and keep him that way.
  4. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow, copies of the X-rays, and hopefully we can get a second opinion then.
  5. Today is my bible app’s sabbath. January first didn’t start on a Sunday, so it’s not MY sabbath, but alas. No Genesis or Job for me today.
  6. We did do a devotional this morning, so I’m still on track with my resolution
  7. Today’s scripture reading: Romans 8.
  8. Good night world! Muah!
  9. See, not even mad about the internets eating my blog post.