A New Beginning

I have been discussing with close ones for about 3 years now about becoming a Software engineer, in some I could see the doubt in their face and in others I could see the face of excitement and interest. I started to take an interest in computers since the 6th grade and technology came to me as second nature, but I realize that having a little talent is not enough and that I’m going to have to work hard and be dedicated in order to learn what I need to and want to. Basically I want to take my talents and interests to the next level, inspire others and make positive changes world wide. As a single mother I am also inspired by my three children and I am tired of making excuses as to why mommy isn't able to fully support them sometimes, in the end I want to show them that anything is possible and that they can say “my mom never gave up”.

As I recently began my journey in looking for schools/colleges it became a very blurry vision and discouraging just looking at costs and years of education part time, it was definitely something that would become difficult for me in the long run. I was so close to attending a technical school for 40k with no guarantee of a job in the end and only taught me a small portion of software engineering, but I did not give up and kept doing research on schools. Suddenly, I came across Holberton while I was doing a more extensive search on google and I am truly excited, grateful and blessed to have found this amazing opportunity. I would be honored to attend and have the opportunity to excel in this certificate program because of the convenience it will provide to my family and myself as well as the education and skills that I need to succeed.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and hope that you were inspired just as much as I am. Looking forward to becoming a student at Holberton School.