Top Five Reasons Why It’s Great To Work at a Tech Company in Oakland

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I love living and working on the sunnier side of the Bay. You’d need the Jaws of Life to pry me away. Let me countdown the five reasons why Oakland rules.

1. The truth is, Oakland is real. I’ve got a multicultural blend of real life right at my doorstep. Longshoremen still load ships here; I can rub elbows with some real locals at Heinold’s First and Last Chance, and there is a sense of community that I’ve never experienced in any other city.

2. Oakland tech is booming. Obviously, Pandora is here (Ten years and counting!), and I’d be happy to tell you more about our vibrant culture. We’ve got 1,600 employees (still hiring after 35 percent growth last year) who love innovating at the intersection of music and technology. But we’re just the tip of a thriving scene, which an enthusiastic city government is helping grow. FATHOM’s 3D printers put satellites into orbit, electric cars on freeways, and a full spectrum of devices into people’s hands and homes. Moreover, they just won an East Bay Innovation Award! employs more than 200 people downtown. Startups are soaring, and groups like 2.Oakland bring us together; some benefit from funds from the Kapor Center for Social Impact, and others share space at The Port co-working facilities.

3. A growing hub for culture. Hipsters, put on your locally designed Oaklandish t-shirt, vintage threads and get out there! Oakland is the birthplace of Bay Area hip-hop, as well as hyphy. Our literary lions range from Pulitzer winner Michael Chabon to Ishmael Reed and Maxine Hong Kingston. We’ve got museums, art galleries, a world-class ballet, a restored Art Deco movie palace, dance clubs, jazz, you name it. If you don’t believe me, check #oaklandloveit on Twitter.

4. Food scene. From gourmet food trucks to Commis (our own Michelin-rated restaurant), Oakland stands on the cutting edge of Northern California’s food culture. Tanya Holland’s Brown Sugar Kitchen has folks lining up for new twists on Southern breakfast. You can also start your day with a mug of Blue Bottle Coffee paired with something from Doughnut Dolly. For lunch, pick up some Bakesale Betty and chase it down with a local brew from Linden Street. From Uptown’s killer tacos at Xolo to HomeRoom — a restaurant devoted solely to the art of macaroni and cheese — Oakland offers something for every taste.

5. Music-Music-Music. Great live acts are always performing at local venues such as the Paramount, the historic Fox Theatre, New Parish, Yoshi’s, and Leo’s Music Club, catering to whatever tunes one is in the mood for that night. And with the recent surge in vinyl music, I can feed my record collection by hitting four amazing record shops all within a mile of my office — Econo Jam, Vamp Vintage, Funky Soul Stop and Kool Kat.

We have everything from food and culture to tech and, of course, music. In fact, it was honestly difficult to narrow down to just five of the top highlights, but you get my point! Oakland really is the Bay Area’s best kept secret. So, why aren’t you here?

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