Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

It’s the continuation of what every technological advancement has had to deal with since time immemorial — the Democratization of Assholes. Every time there is a jump in communication, from cave walls to hieroglyphs, to written word, to the printing press, to the Internet, it has made it easier for a wider pool of people to communicate, which also means the pool of jackasses to ruin it grows exponentially. Add in the element of anonymity, and that pool widens even further. Pair that with an almost instantaneous thought-to-worldwide-publishing ratio, and that pool of jackasses widens yet again. And finally, allow users a sense of entitlement so large that they actually think blocking equals censorship, and you have a pool of voices that is now tainted with toxic sludge.

For a dedicated platform, protecting users from idiots would be difficult — for a platform who pays at best lip service to protecting users, it’s nigh on impossible.

The future will split into one of three groups, I believe — incredibly small social media platforms like Diaspora, pay to play platforms, or platforms which require photo ID to set up an account. All three have pros and cons, and none of them adequately cover how to encapsulate a digital village without the digital village idiots.