Holy Moly, We Are Homophily

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Factors that contribute to feeling connected in social media

There are many people that just want to be included, so they turn to social media to connect to the others and use it as an escape in their everyday life. The feeling of closeness and acceptance of others is what fuels our online addiction and our attention cravings.

Picture from Pixabay (no copyright)

Concept of homophily
According to Wikipedia.org, homophily is the tendency of individuals to associate and bond with similar others. Have you ever wanted a someone that like the same thongs as you and wanted to participate in activities that you both enjoy together with no issue? Sounds great, right? Well then you may have some homophily in you and there may be the perfect match for you. Social media can get you started on the right track, all you have to do is search for an activity and up pops a number of things to do in your area. The benefits are plentiful of homophily in social media. Self-esteem can increase as people feel involved in something and needed in conversations and people can have great ideas and suggestions for others that may have a positive impact on their lives.

Contribution of platform algorithms

Platform algorithms are what drives the popularity of certain site’s news and stories such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The more users search for story or “like” a post, the more those things appear on your news feed. Facebook is probably the biggest example of a social media platform using algorithms to great effect. They want to make sure that people receive the content they actually care about (Agrawal, 2016). As a Facebook user, when I shop on Amazon and other websites, there are ads on Facebook giving me other options to buy things based on what I viewed and purchased. My friends on Facebook also like those options so this way I can review what others thought about my purchase. This way, you will always have something to refer to! So, if you are every wondering if there is anyone else out there that likes the same thongs as you, sign onto one of your social media pages and search and see what or who you will find!


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