In the beginning…

Hello… thanks for joining me, especially on January 1st — anyone else still pushing through their gin x prosecco x wine hangover?!!

It’s my first blog — eek! In this inaugural instalment of what I hope will be a regular blog I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts for starting the ‘Am I looking younger yet’ concept. I am also hoping to give you an idea of what might be to come with the project.

Am I looking younger yet’ started over a glass of wine with some good friends, how all the best ideas start, right?! My friends and I are all Mums, our children range from beautiful, teeny, tiny babies to fierce, young people about to embark on the teenage years. But there is more to us than just Mums, some of us work full-time, some part-time, some freelance, some are still working out what they want to do and some are bloody busy with their tiny humans. We are also social and love to chat, to drink, to eat, to have fun. But one thing that we are all guilty of is talking about how we are getting/ feeling/ looking older! Sometimes this is because we are actually feeling 48 rather than 38 or sometimes because we are feeling 38 but thinking we want to be 28!

So one night, over a great dinner in South West London some friends and I were having a not unfamilar conversation regarding slowing down the ageing process. Look, we are not pensioners by any stretch but we are starting to feel our age and sometimes our age + 10 years. As it quite often does the conversation turned to cosmetic surgery. Some of us are keen and can see the benefits, some of our friends have already dipped their toe in the water and are looking good on it. But some of us cannot bear the idea and have seen when things have gone wrong. We debated and talked about everything else we do, have heard of and want to try that keeps us feeling youthful, it was a lot of fun! It also got me thinking that this was a really interesting conversation and also what is there to do to keep yourself looking and feeling younger before you really, really consider sucumbing to the needle/ knife?!

Now before anyone hauls me over hot coals for being ageist, or not embracing the ageing process — I DO! ‘Am I looking younger’ has not been created for myself, my friends or anyone else to turn themselves into ‘Death becomes her’

Death Becomes Her — A most brilliant movie!

Am I looking younger yet’ is a place for us to get together to share those beauty tips that help us when we are having a crappy day and our eye bags have reached our chins. A place where you can find and share the best ideas for those creases and crinkles that keep growing and growing — damn them! But it is not just about beauty, it is about the exercises or miracle classes that YOU want to tell everyone about because they have potentially stopped a bottom sag. It also about the bra that keeps your boobs feeling like a perky 34C when on, or the dress that flatters the dreaded Mum tum. It is also about keeping your mind and soul young, a daily soduko challenge to stimulate the brain or a tip for a 90’s disco to take you back to your early 20’s!

Through ‘Am I looking younger yet’ I will be throwing myself headlong into trying and having a go at many different things that will potentially (hopefully!) make me look and feel younger. Some of which I have been researching and hearing about and lots that I hope will be recommended by YOU!

I also have some lovely friends who are going to be taking on some #lookingfeelingyounger challenges which I am really looking forward to sharing with everyone — especially the person who takes on the XXX challenge! But I also hope that you will all be inspired to join me in this project and share your tips, tricks and hacks and if there was a challenge YOU were thinking of for 2018 then do please let me know!

The ‘Am I looking younger yet’ project is live now and over the next few weeks I will be starting to share more and more content. I hope you will enjoy the journey but more importantly I hope YOU will join in with you ideas and comments. ‘Am I looking younger yet’ can be found on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Also if you enjoyed this blog and fancy sharing it with others (which would be Fab-U-lous!) then please do!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

Susie x