Stages of the Modern-Day Photographer

It all starts with the original thought: I think I’ll take up photography.

  • visits Best Buy and takes home DSLR camera with kit 18–55mm lens
  • has an original though: what I really need is a fisheye lens
  • everything shot on super wide angle.
  • crops at non-standard ratios
  • posts photos with a black border
  • has an original though: maybe a fisheye is too much
  • only shoots with 50mm
  • shoots portraits with subject several inches away from the background
  • clarity pushed to %100 in post
  • posts photos with massive unsightly watermark
  • contrast pushed to %100 in post
  • only shoots portraits of the homeless
  • discovers HDR
  • only shoots portraits of homeless in HDR
  • tries to sell prints in the coffee shop
  • has original though: why the #$@% did I ever shoot in HDR
  • begins purchasing photography books
  • is overcome with self-doubt after reading photography books and learning that the print making process is a big deal
  • only shoots black and white
  • only shoots with old film cameras
  • scales back post processing to dodgeing/burning
  • declares Henri Cartier-Bresson God of photography
  • only shoots street photography
  • continues to only shoot black and white (but calls it monochrome)
  • spends life savings on a Leica M4
  • sells Leica M4
  • takes out second mortgage and buys Leica M6
  • loses M6 in rocky divorce
  • learns that in later years Henri Cartier-Bresson wasn’t that into photography.
  • takes up painting


About me:

I’m a run-of-the-mill photo taking person. You can view my work at