You tend to marvel at the course or mode of procedure one’s mind takes when dealing with certain issues as regarding life’s decisions. As little or delicate those decisions come in, each comes with its own trickles of doubt. Although we often convince ourselves that we must always try to stay positive.

Just about the time he was supposed to graduate from the university, after spend a hardboiled four years. He meets this fellow, who tells him, with so much confidence "look here my friend, you will graduate with no problem at all". Those words hit him without a single atom of doubt as he absorbed them like when death takes a life. He never thought for once anything will go wrong as those words gave him a full dose of confidence which he swallowed happily feeling the waves of new things to come. The look on the face of his parents welcoming him with arms wide open just as if it was the homecoming of a soldier who has just arrived after a very long time away in the war front. His siblings feeling the joy of having to see their own survive a very rigorous battle with the forces of the seen and unseen elements that has always carted away with souls of the unfortunate. Some who had fought the battle to the last day, only for the glory which they were about to behold taken from them by some very cruel yet untimely incident or the other. Numerous thoughts raced through his mind as he heard the word of that fellow echo on in his head. He reminds himself that he should not doubt those words because that was the first step towards failure. And so he held on to it like his life depended on it and moved on...

Vincent Van Gogh once said that "If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced". In essence we all can hear a voice at a time that wrecks the beautiful idea we conceive in our moment of glory, the voice of doubt that echoes alongside the other voice that spills thoughts of believe.

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