There is a veritable banquet of mushrooming food metaphors that grace the table of our language and seasons our tongue.
You may think that my gastronomic metaphors are tripe. But rather than crying over spilt milk, I’m going to put all my eggs in one basket and be confident that you will relish this feast I have cooked up.
Just think of the people we meet everyday. Some have taste, others we take with a pinch of salt; and still others drive us bananas. The crusty old cadues who are wrinkled as prunes and no longer in their salad days; the half-baked mutton heads who drive us Nuts and are always in a pickle of jam, hot water or soup. The hard boiled, ham fisted types, with their cauliflower ears, who can beat the stuffing out of us. The breadwinner who makes a lot of dough and never works for peanuts. The salt of the earth, good eggs who the apple of ones eye and make life a bowl cherries.
In a nutshell you can see how often we truly eat our words.

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