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Welcome to my Digital U Review

My name is David. I’ve been working online successfully for over 10 years. My online career didn’t take off until I met Eben Pagan. I scraped together all my credit cards to buy a ticket to his live seminar back in 2007 and my business haven’t been the same since.

Clearly that’s a more recent picture, this was taken in 2016. I’ve been to 5 live seminars featuring Eben Pagan, and the man is a genius. The value is unreal.

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Who Is Eben Pagan?

Welcome to my Eben Pagan’s Digital U Review. In this review I will walk you through exactly what Digital U is and if it’s right for you and your business. A quick background of who Eben Pagan is.

Here is a few courses that Eben has created that produced several successful students online.

COURSES — Eben Pagan Products

  • Digital Product Blueprint
  • Virtual Coach
  • Turn Your Talent Into Income
  • How To Be A Entrepreneur
  • Wake Up Productive
  • Self-Made Wealth

So who is Eben Pagan and why should you buy his course?

Eben Pagan is a successful online coach, business owner, public speaker, and digital marketer. Eben has done 10’s of millions of dollars online every single month.

When you purchase Digital U through my link, only if you’re serious about building a successful business, I’ll provide some awesome bonuses that will complement the system and make it extremely easy for you to succeed with Digital U.

What Is Digital U and Can It Work For You?

Eben walks you through exactly what Digital U is all about.

Digital U Review Eben Pagan Video 3

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So to sum it all up Digital U is an online course designed to teach how to create your own online product and marketing funnel online.

Eben has laid out the course in a way that is easy to follow and duplicate his results.

But unfortunately there isn’t any other material besides the pre-launch material which on it’s own is great. But I can’t show you the members area as the system is going to be live webinars. But what I can show you is my personal experience with Eben Pagan’s courses, as I took multiple.

Breakdown of Digital U Course and Members Area

Digital U or Digital University is designed to help you create your own online business modeled after Eben Pagan’s very own ladder to success system.

Eben has really created several systems to succeed online. But not only has Eben succeeded online, so has his students and I’m proof of that. Combined his students has done billions of dollars from utilizing Eben’s training. Digital U is no different. Already so many success stories from the beta testers.

Enough talk, check out some of my earnings in a few of my businesses…

Not bad right? But this is just 2 of my accounts. Some are from 2016 and last year. But they are still earning that kind of money. But still skeptical I know…

Without Eben Pagan, I would still be working my dreaded 9 to 5 as a financial adviser making 60k a year. I do not miss that job. Check Out Eben’s Free Training Here

My Story About Eben Pagan Courses and Advice to Succeed

Fear of failure is one of this biggest things that keep people from taking action online. Before I started to succeed online I struggled and I struggled from time to time. I gave up on marketing so many times and went back to work and just felt like I could do better, like there has to be something better out there.

Well that’s when I took all my credit cards combined them and purchased access to Eben Pagan live seminar. My wife was pissed off, she was just blown away by how I could be so stupid and spend $2,500 on one ticket to go watch someone talk about their successful business. But six months later I started to build my online business and I was succeeding for the first time. Life is what you make it, if you don’t take chances you get crippled by fear and you make no money.

You have to decide right now if this online lifestyle is right for you. Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your dreams “anyone” not your wife not your mother not your dad no one. You have to take action that’s why I have so much respect for Eben Pagan. Look at it like this, Eben Pagan took a chance and created a new e-book about dating when he first started online. It became so successful that he became a millionaire off of that one e-book. So many people saw the success that he got from that one e-book about dating that they sent him messages asking him to help them build their business and help them market their products. So let’s look at it like if Eben Pagan was terrified or scared or crippled by fear of actually creating a product online then I wouldn’t have the success that I have today or Eben wouldn’t be able to offer you this opportunity.

Don’t let fear cripple you, don’t be scared to fail, that’s all part of the learning process. Just promise me one thing, that no matter what course you use to make money online whatever system you use to train yourself that you will not give up until you succeed online. But why would you take a chance? Eben Pagan has created the perfect system.

Digital U is designed to help you achieve your goal of an independent business. Why not just invest in your future with a proven business model.

Digital U Bonuses

Digital U Review and Bonuses

A large portion of my income online is generated from affiliate marketing. With that being said, I receive a commission when you buy Digital U through my link, and you will once I show you my Digital U bonuses.

It’s pretty easy to claim your bonuses. Just send an email after you purchase through my link to

All you have to do is click the email address and send a copy of your receipt from Digital U — Subject Line: Digital U Bonuses Receipt Attached.

It’s extremely important that you clear your cookies or you won’t be able to claim my bonuses. Just Google search clear cookies. That simple.


Thank you for checking out my Digital U Review and bonus page.

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