Straight Outta Gotham

It’s very interesting that security was increased at various theaters screening the new NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton.”

And by “interesting” I mean racist as fuck.

As the Daily Kos pointed out, this is a critically acclaimed film about artists who will likely be remembered as some of the most compelling and provocative voices of the latter 20th century.

And I immediately thought of another critically acclaimed film, part of a series that would go on to “inspire” one of the most violent acts in our nation’s history — “The Dark Knight.”

Now, I love this film, and so do you. That’s not the point, and whether or not such films can cause psychopaths to do really fucked up things is also beside the point. The point is the institutional reaction to a film that almost romanticizes anarchy (as some have suggested, the Joker may not be the antagonist of TDK in the strictest sense of the word, and especially in the world of superhero films, and Nolan himself has admitted to playing around with this dynamic), and which cops are blown away at an alarming rate.

Seriously, I dare you to have a shot of Jameson every time a cop is killed in TDK. And I say this as a young, disenfranchised youth who grew up right outside Compton, and would proudly join in the chorus of “Fuck the Police!”

And while this was decades ago now, I don’t recall Yella and MC Ren going on an actual murdering rampage.

Think about “The Termintor.” Cops mowed down like random dandelions on a manicured suburban lawnscape.

But mowed down by a white guy.

I’m just not sure at this point that white people can make a movie about white people that is so violent that it would cause law enforcement agencies to react in this way.

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