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“Agile is not something you become, Agile is something you become more of.”

(The podcast can be found on The Reluctant Agilist blog that is hosted on

For organizations that are engaged in Agile Transformation, it is often very challenging to get a sense of where you are with respect to successfully adopting a new way of working. Comparative Agility is a tool that has been designed to help Agile coaches and organizations get a deeper understanding of their progress towards Agile transformation.

In this interview, Jorgen Hesselberg, co-founder of Comparative Agility, and I discuss how the tool has…

Last fall Anderson Diniz Hummel became a Certified Scrum Trainer. This means that he has been approved by the Scrum Alliance to teach Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner classes. The journey to becoming a CST is never easy and never as quick as anyone would like and for Anderson, it was over three years from the time he first started working on it. (And this is after already having taught at the University level for a number of years.)

During the recent holidays Anderson and I had a conversation about what his journey to CST was like…

I am home for 11 days. It has been over a month since that happend. When this happens I catch up on my sleep, exercise, irritate my wife and make a nuisance of myself around the house. Then I start looking for new ways to mashup things that have no business being put in the same room…

Last night I was looking for something in an old Spektrmodule. I didn’t find what I wanted, but ended up finding a link that led to a link that led me to the Conet Project, which lives in the Internet Archive and is…

Roxi and I Getting ready…

Freshly back from a week in the Gaylord Biodome for Agile 2014 in Orlando. It was an awesome week and we shot buckets of podcasts with Agile thought leaders and speakers from the conference. You can find them here:

Projects at Work

In one of them, a fly, gnat, or some kinda nanobot drone flew directly up my nose.


I am a dad, husband, comic geek, mac bigot. I work at BigVisible. If I could ingest only one thing, it would be coffee.

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