Blaming Hillary
Michael Arnovitz

Aside from ignoring the clear malfeasance of the DNC, thanks to clean shiny people such as DWS and Donna Brazile, this is so spot on — the Republicans so often act in a partisan manner toward all Democrats!

Thank goodness the Democrats don’t behave that way. Remember when they supported all of Bill Clinton’s policies regarding Iraq and voted for the war and then said that just like us, George W. Bush was wrong but we know he meant to do the right thing?

And remember four years ago when the Democrats were saying that Mitt Romney seems like a decent guy but we just don’t agree with his policies?

Me neither — because that’s not what happened.

After years of talk of WMDs and regime change by the Clinton administration (who bombed Iraq twice) and supporting the invasion, suddenly the Democrats developed a conscience and decided they was HYPMOTIZED by Bush, who only wanted to invade for oil and fattening Dick Cheney’s wallet. Because you know, Hillary Clinton had never been in a position to know what was really going on in Iraq or anything.

And let’s see — except for the potty mouth, I seem to remember Mitt Romney being portrayed as an evil selfish bastard, sexist pig and dog abuser who simply went in and destroyed companies to sell of their assets, all while being invested in drug cartels.

And here you seem to believe all “conservatives” think the same. They live in a bubble. They are in an alternate reality. Gee, that’s not bigoted or anything, is it? You say that other liberals view conservatives as crazy but their views shouldn’t dismissed (even though they actually are crazy).

Partisanship and an inability to objectively discuss facts without prejudice or getting emotionally involved is a big part of what’s wrong with this country. You can blame it on conservatives or liberals or the media or whomever you choose but make no mistake — you’re part of it.

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