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It’s telling that Hillarybots are scared of him they have to launch this kind of attack, full of gross distortions. The truth has never been important to the “journalists” at TP when it doesn’t serve their partisan agenda, which is why they lie to promote the cause.

But let’s investigate just one of the claims, where you say “Johnson is a strong support of Citizen’s United…,” which links to this piece from the New American in 2012 (lol) and oddly enough, says absolutely nothing about Citizens United or and reference to what corporations should be able to spend. What Gary Johnson believes is that special interests, corporate or otherwise, should not be able to influence elections or legislation.

But let’s not let a few more lies get in the way of your support for your favorite neocon foreign interventionist.

Of course there are differences between Johnson and Bernie — but not the gross distortions you see here. Here’s a different perspective based on facts, not hyperbole or links to articles that do not support the text in the article.

Why Bernie Supporters Should Consider Gary Johnson

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