CREED team is so happy to work with that we decided on improving our relationship. Starting from 1st June 500+ CREED holders on Bololex will be able to receive 5% monthly rewards by simply holding their CREED İN Bololex exchange. Snapshots will be taken on last day of each month and 5% rewards will be distributed on 5th of each month. Simple as that !

On top of it CREED pairs will have zero fees between 5th June and 20th June. CREED has TRX, USDT, DOGE and BOLO pairs avaible to trade on Bololex.

We thank Bololex on their assistance in providing best service for CREED holders.

Looking forward to new aggrements with Bololex Team.

Best Regards

Murat Sat

CREED founder

CREED Price update principle

We have started with 1 TRX price for 1 CREED and with backing it up we increased the price to 1.5 TRX during the last 3 months. And on This article steady price increasing will be explained.

We assigned our main price setting place for CREED. There will be sell orders on certain amounts when 1 wall is completely sold the price will be set to the next level. By applying this we are trying to provide a better idea on how we increase the price and keep our promise to a transparent currency. …


CFB is a unique utility token designed to share the profits of CREED ECOSYTEM.

Starting from 1st June 15% of all CREED sales will be shared between CFB holders. Also 30% of CFB sales goes to Beast Pool. CFB holders get 30% of the collected amount in Beast Pool 3 times a month. Remaining 70% Adds on the next Beast Pool.

CFB started with a price of 750 CREED and increased by +40 CREED on each sale.

With 68 CFB SOLD Currently price is at 3470 CREED(5205 TRX) which makes it The Most expensive Asset on…


It has been 3 months since we launched CREED. But the background goes a little more then that. We wanted a token to be perfect in every aspect. Since no one delivered it we decided to do it ourselves. No one believed we can, but we are doing pretty good considering the achivements we have accomplished so far.

What we have accomplished?

We created a token only moves forward and adds on it everyday.

How we did it?

We just kept it real. Did not sold anything cheap and kept all given promises.

We value the trust of people more then our profit and we believe that will be the key of our success. We still have tasks to put a tick on and we will.

Just stay tuned and see what we are made of…

CREED Price increase

On 1st June CREED pricing by the team will be set to 1.5 TRX minimum. No direct sales will be done by the CEO and OWNER.

After 15th may no direct sales will happen so the team will hold no promises to buy back the CREED sold.

But will keep justswap CREED price over 1 TRX as a buyback option and keep promise to earlier direct investors.

CFB Buys will be manual with only CREED and the team will not do any direct sales of CREED.

So if an investor wants to buy CFB he needs to collect CREED from the exchanges.

990m CREED will be held on the main account, with only 10 million circulating at any one time.

CREED is available from the following:




Contract address



CFB is the governence token of CREED FINANCE built on Tron network a.k.a BEAST. Launched on 27th MARCH with 1000 supply and 60 CFB is sold. 10% of CREED sales and 30% of CFB sales are collected on BEAST POOL and distributed to CFB holders 3 times a month.

Started with 750 TRX price and now 60 sold. The price increased to 4000 TRX as designed to perform and increasing price. +50 TRX on each sale. Also can bought with CREED token on a discounted price which is 3150 CREED now. The price impact applied to benefit…


Creed is a utility token with 1B supply built on TRON NETWORK. The circulation amount increases just through certain ways on a limited amount to provide a safe trading space to investors. The ideal concept is based on 60% APY on simply holding over 500 CREED. On last day of every month accounts are evaluated and 5% of CREED is sent to all qualifiying holders on 5th of every month. Proof of ownership model enables investors to keep their assets and stake them at the same time.

CREED had no ICO, except 100k reserved for promotions, no CREED…


We are newly launched crypto project launched on Tron network.

What we aim in CREED is establishing a passive income for crypto investors all around the world.

We have launched the project on FEB 2021 with the idea to bring a new perspective to crypto investments. Unlike many projects promising a price increase in the future, we promised stable income to built a future.

CREED holders over 500 auto recieve 5% CREED at 5th of each month. Simple and easy usecase. What we uniquely offer is teams dedication. As we allow investors trading space unlike most projects…


Founder of CREED & CFB tokens on tron network, Turkish, crypto projects, investment tools

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