Since we have reached 100+ CFB sold we are opening the Beast Cave. Will explain you the details on subject.

-CFB is like a share of CREED ecosystem and was not tradable until Beast Cave.

Now if holders decides on selling they will apply us with the buyer and we host them in Beast Cave and execute the middle man service.

Option 1

Seller will send us the CFB he wants to sell and buyer send us the amount of payment. We get 10% from the payment and send it to seller. Buyer here has no payment, gets the CFB with no cut. And the buyer becomes the one who has the benefits of CFB from this point.

Option 2

CFB owners may sell us their CFB anytime they want on 50% CREED from the current price. Example: 1 CFB is 4750 CREED now. We will buy it at 2375 CREED. 1st CFB is sold at 750 CREED which was 750 TRX worth that time. The first owner collected his rewards from the beginning and now when he decides to sell it now he will get 2375 CREED which is 4987.5 TRX. Also keep in mind that he already collected 1308 TRX from payment during the period he held CFB. This is just a 3 month period on first buyer of CFB.

So it is clearly seen that profit is hugely standing there for you to take it. CREED is here to show people how it should be done ✅

Comment below or hit telegram for more info and details

Also visit our website

Best Regards

Murat Sat

CREED founder



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