CFB is the governence token of CREED FINANCE built on Tron network a.k.a BEAST. Launched on 27th MARCH with 1000 supply and 60 CFB is sold. 10% of CREED sales and 30% of CFB sales are collected on BEAST POOL and distributed to CFB holders 3 times a month.

Started with 750 TRX price and now 60 sold. The price increased to 4000 TRX as designed to perform and increasing price. +50 TRX on each sale. Also can bought with CREED token on a discounted price which is 3150 CREED now. The price impact applied to benefit all CFB holders. Every CFB sold is cheaper then the next.

On march 2021 CFB holders are distributed over 15000+ TRX rewards from the sales. On it’s first month CFB proved that it is a beast and will keep on paying true passive income.

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Murat Sat

CREED founder

Founder of CREED & CFB tokens on tron network, Turkish, crypto projects, investment tools

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