We would like to share a few updates planed to change at the end of August. All adjustment are designed to increase both the interest and the price. Looking forward to a more balanced improvement on CREED token with the following additions.


Starting on 1st August with a new dynamic rewards system we are planning to increase interest in the CREED project. The monthly rewards distributed on the 5th of each month will be cancelled and replaced with a value increasing method. It works with the same principle as 5% monthly rewards. But with a few changes on the plan. Instead of distributing 5% new CREED, we will be adding 5% value on

CREED price on justswap. Old version was once a month event and was open to abusing. New rewards plan is set to keep increasing the value of CREED on justswap by daily purchases by the team determined on the circulating amount of CREED.


100,000 CREED in real circulation is promised to deliver 5,000 CREED. So the team will buy 5,000/30=166 CREED daily from justswap.io

With CREED DYNAMIC REWARDS SYSTEM we are offering a completely new value increase method and a fair chance for everyone. The real circulating supply will be controlled and real supporters will be rewarded. Simply holding your CREED will be rewarding.


Staking will be only available on Beast safes on given APY or at Bololex.com. The team has rights to add or remove staking options on platforms with a prior announcement. All staked amounts will also be calculated in circulating supply.


New CREED sales by the team and regular buys by the people will be distributed as below:

10% will be used to increase the CREED price on justswap. 15% will be added to CFB Beast Pool.

15% will be added to Team funds.

10% will be used to increase justswap liquidity.

50% will be added to CREED funds to be used on trading and BEAST ENERGY PROGRAM for the purpose of generating wealth for the CREED ECOSYSTEM.

On exchange sales the total of all sales will be distributed as planned.

On Justswap when a new purchase occurs the team will initiate a counter sale to distribute it as planned leaving 10% to increase the CREED price. Example:

1000 CREED sold on justswap the team can only initiate 900 CREED counter sale leaving 10% as price increase.

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