Understand lighting in Unreal Engine 4

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Lighting inside of Unreal Engine is hard. Not only are there literally hundreds of options for controlling lighting, but there are multiple menus for controlling the lighting that you might not even know about. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed. What light to select, how to use it, and when to use it seems impossible to wrap your head around.

What really would be useful is a systematic approach to explaining the different lights and how to use them inside of Unreal. You would understand the different menus and options that affect the lighting. Finally, you would take all that knowledge and use it in real scenes to apply what you just learned in a practical way.

This course by Bradley Wascher is designed to do just that for you. In this course we will be covering the whys of the lighting system inside of Unreal engine. This course will give you practical understanding and knowledge of how to set up your lighting. Then you will be guided through case study scenes that will use the knowledge you just gained to light full production levels. Finally you will have access to a long list of common issues and fixes that can appear when working with lighting inside of Unreal engine.

This course will leave you with not just an understanding of how to light your scenes in Unreal engine but the confidence to understand what will result in the best quality and performance for your project. This course is built to help you stop struggling with understanding lighting and finally master the concepts of creating great lighting inside of Unreal engine.

You will learn from this course:

  • A fundamental understanding of how to install the unreal engine and use its interface
  • What are the different lights that are available to use and how to use them
  • How to light full production ready levels, both from a static perspective and real time
  • How to problem solve quality issues with your lighting
  • The ability to understand and debug lighting errors inside of Unreal Engine

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