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If by making things better you mean 1)making half the weapons in the game obsolete

2) Putting people in matchups they have no business playing


Let me elaborate.

1 the shield bots were bad enough but now you go and buff the anicle so that it regerates faster than most weapons reload. So you fire a salvo it takes down the anicle just so by the time your next salvo is ready it hits the shield that is back. If you are not using Magnums, Pins, Pentas, Orkins, Tararians, Zeus, or Trebuchets there are 2 different shield types out there that can stop your ammo so your weapons are obsolete.

2) I don’t know about you but running a 6/6 heavy doesn’t mean that I am able to take on a 9/9++ heavy, much less 3 in one match. Oh it will get better? WHEN? In time for the event that is coming up in 2 days? I think not! Congratulations you have totally screwed everyone who isn’t in a 11/11 or better bot on this one.

Since the first of the year you have made this game unplayable.

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