In the past century, human population growth and the need for industrialization and urbanization has grown beyond what anyone could have imagined. The world that we now live in has been completely altered to benefit humans, and with humans in control, it will continue to be that way. The issue with this, is that for humans to benefit off of the earth, we are having to destroy the earth and make sacrifices that in no way seem ethical.

There are a few issues, but ultimately one big one, that contributes to the dire consequences that the earth itself and the people on it are facing. Money hungry industries, wealthy nations, and even everyday people everywhere contribute to the issue of climate change. Simply put, all of these people are unbelievable amounts of CO2 emissions in the air, which is what causes our only atmosphere to get hotter, causes issues that cannot be solved later on down the road. Some examples of these issues are mass animal extinction, social/racial injustice, migration of uninvolved and innocent people from the global south to the global north. The change and heating up of our atmosphere affects people in the global south in a variety of ways. One way they are affected is through the waters. As earth’s oceans rise, the land’s coastline gets taken in. For places that have significantly large countries or shores, this may not seem like an issue in the short term scheme of things, but for people who live on islands and whose families have lived on small islands for generations, the growing of earth’s oceans posing a big issue. Islands that individuals, business owners, families, indigenous groups, and animals live on will eventually be swallowed whole by the sea. These people, much like refugees, are being forced from their homes to other places where they will likely not be welcomed. This is a struggle now and will continue to be a struggle for as long as we continue to cause the ocean’s level to rise due to our careless usage of the earth’s resources for our benefits.

Another reason for migration of people’s from the global south to the global north is the issue of desertification. Desertification is also the consequence of having a warmer climate, and also of deforestation and industrialized agriculture. Desertification is when deserts expand across the land, destroying soil and land that was once viable to live on and therefore moving people from their homes. Along the lines of desertification this same type of things is happening to the groups of communities living in parts of the earth that depend on thick land like areas of ice that are now melting and shortening their spaces to live. All of these people are having their homes, lives, and lands altered because of one way of life that a majority of humans refuse to try and change.

There are people around the world being made to leave their places of origin that would not have to leave if it were not for human caused climate change. There are political leaders, big time corporations, and everyday people who know the horrors of what is being done because of the way we now live. And many of those people choose to do nothing and even claim to not believe that the way we are living is having any effect on the climate, but there are many people, namely the ones who are being forced from their lands, that would argue otherwise.

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