What to Wear to the Wedding?

Stacy Brinton
Apr 19, 2018 · 2 min read

What the bride and groom decide to wear at the wedding dictates the whole atmosphere of the event and the activities that follow. A casual wedding, for example, may mean a regular dress, a fun floral pattern, or maybe even a romper for the bride. The groom may opt for a pair of black jeans, a sports coat, or a shirt and vest. In that case, guests can go in summer dresses, chinos or khaki pants, or comfortable Capri pants. This attire is ideal for a backyard or beach wedding, an intimate affair with family and a few friends, or a civil ceremony at city hall.

An Average Wedding

Smaller weddings at a local hall call for nicer clothes. The bride will probably be in a more traditional type of wedding dress, with the groom in a suit. The bridal party will have matching outfits, and everyone will look stunning in the photographs. Guests to this wedding will want to wear something very dressy from the back of the closet. This is an excellent reason to shop for a new dress or suit or new shoes.

Upscale and Formal

These wedding plans are typically eight to twelve months in the making. Brides search for the perfect dress, and grooms splurge on custom men’s suits or very formal tuxedos. Just like the bride has to plan ahead and pick out a dress a few months before the wedding, grooms have to begin the process of having a one-of-a-kind suit made from scratch. If either person waits until the last minute, the attire will be less than desired.

Most industry-leading men’s custom clothing companies, such as Chookhare & Sons, recommend future grooms and ushers make an appointment for the first consultation as early as possible but certainly no later than two to three months before the wedding day. That first meeting with a designer and tailor will take an hour or two. Selection assistance, browsing through fabric and pattern samples, and complete measurements will be completed at that time.

Allow Plenty of Time

Turnaround time can take as many as thirty days. Then there is a second fitting appointment and a follow-up to ensure satisfaction. Go to the website for more information, to view previous creations, and to schedule that consultation. Every man should have at least one custom suit, so a wedding is a perfect time to have one made. Personal attention, the best possible fit, and a way to express personality and style is the only way to prepare for the big day.

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