Jesus Christ, it’s a joke, by a writer.

You are right it is joke. You are also right that in this case there is no punishment. But this joke does tarnish a reputation, just as Brady’s reputation was. That’s my point. In a recent article Bill expressed regret for joking about concussions when they happened 20 years ago because of the adverse health effects. PED’s have tremendous adverse health effects as well. Here he puts forth an alternate future where one of the game greats gets the same smear as Brady but by cheating in a far more detrimental way(PED’s) than Brady did. If you read the NFL’s insane judgement, one reason why Brady’s punishment was so severe is that the NFL looked at deflated balls as producing the same effect as PED’s by giving them a competitive advantage. If someone wrote an alternate future where Brady got caught deflating balls ‘again’, many Pats fans would be displeased and rightfully so. I merely expressed my displeasure in using a specific scenario like PED’s to create an alternate future where the Celtics are great again at the expense of a reputation of an all-time great player.

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