The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

I always had an iPhone and I always tried to use Google Apps with it. The experience became better and better, also due to iOS opening up to 3rd parties for it’s core services, and also because Google seemed to have invested more in native apps.

But it never felt quite right, and the experience is not consistent across all devices. Google Calendar iOS is awesome, but the web version has like a 5 year old interface, Gmail iOS app doesn’t even use material design, Google Photos is great but feels like a duplicated feature on the iPhone since that’s where all my photos come from (I don’t think there’s a way to prevent storing them in Apple Photos locally as well), and the list goes on. At least for iPhone users it feels always like 80% max if you go all in Google.

Sure i could switch to Android but I haven’t seen a phone yet which I would choose over the iPhone.

So I abandoned Google completely one year ago, even Gmail, and I have to say the experience feels much more complete. And I don’t miss the things that I was sure I would be missing at all.

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