[Game Review] Battle Brothers (Steam score: 9/10)

Name: Battle Brothers

Steam Score: 9/10
Genre: RPG, Turn based, Management, Free-roam.
Price: ‎$29.99
Link: Steam Official Website

This is what happens when Mount and Blade combined with RimWorld.

Battle Brothers is the game that have Mount and Blade mechanic with Rimworld graphic. The game is about you, a leader of a small group of Mercenary, after the fight with a Bandit, you lost a lot of brothers. There only you, and 2 other people had survived.

From that day, you have to rebuild your mercenary group again, stronger and better.

The interesting parts of this game is the Story Telling, each NPC you meet, they have their own story. Some NPC is a Begger, Bandit, but some is a Noble Knight, a Veteran Soldier… When you meet those people, you will hear about their story.

“ A normal Blacksmith used to have a peaceful life with his family, until the war came and took everything except him, so now he wandering from day by day, suffering his lost, waiting for the new light, would you give him a chance ?”

About the game mechanic, basically, you will recruit a new mercenary from the town, city that you visit. Buy supply, take a quest from the Guild House to earn some coins to spend the day, then one day you have enough money to upgrade your armour, weapon for your own and your brothers.

Each town, village, will be different with each other, some might have a lot of stuff to buy, but some might have the only poor market.

There is many way to earn money, by doing the quest, trading, or raiding. You can raid a caravan for a value supply, or raid the outpost of the kingdom to have some better armour and weapon, but of course, the kingdom will hire a lot of mercenaries or even an army, just to hunt you down.

Become a badass Bandit and everybody in the town will chasing you down…

Beside that, you can choose a good way such as helping people by save their home town, solve the mystery problem like “Hunt the monster that terrify the villagers”, etc… or go raid the Orc camp, explore the Dungeon, etc… Those will be risky a lot but the price you earn will be worth it. Beside of rewards from the Guild House, Villagers.. you also earn a loot from those and even further, the fame! People will know more about your name, the Villagers will low the price for you, the Kingdom will give you a better offers to match with your fame, etc…

…Or you can become a good guy surrounded by a bad guys…

About the world of BB (Battle Brothers), it will be generated randomly, everytime you start a new game. Basically, there is 4 main Race:





And a lot of monsters such as Sea Monsters, Swamp Monster, etc…

The gameplay will be very difficult even the Easy Mode. That’s why I have to say:

Mount and Blade + RimWorld + a little of DarkSouls = Battle Brothers.

Just a little mistake and all your brothers will be dead. For example, you let your mercenaries surround a lonely Orc and think that’s a good plan, until that Orc swinged the war axe around and you see your brothers’s head dropping like an apples. That’s why you always need to make a tacstics before and during the fight.

Sometimes “retreat today so you can fight again tomorrow” is a good choice, you will use this tacstic a lot in a first day.

Currently the Dev still improving the game day by day so this will be a promising game of 2018 imo.

If you are a fan of Mount and Blade and Turn Based, looking for the game with a nice looking graphic, can run on a Potato, then this game is for you.

24 Oct, 2018
Mr. Tofu