No Fam! Not yet, not today.

This is my first project but got abandoned because I don’t know coding.
Everything was made by me.

Game Poster
Defending the Outpost.

In this game, player will control the main HQ, try to survive as long ap. Player can build the Outpost to make a “Guard belt”.

Beside of that, Player can make a team (up to 5 person) to go scavenger hunt, things that player can find is Suppliment, Weapon, Ammunation, and other survivors.

Inside of the building, as real life, you don’t know what’s behind the door/wall. The view range was limited.

Survivor (Playable)
Military (NPC/Can recruit)
Bandit (NPC/ Can’t recruit)
Civilian (Can recruit)
Zombie (NPC/ Absolutely can’t recruit)
Weapons and Props.

I just know about Game Maker Studio 2 that allow you to make your own game without coding, so I think I might re-launch this game again (but with another artstyle because my hard drive got “exploded” and I lost everything except those image.)

24 Oct 2018

Mr. Tofu