Things I learned when I painting my artwork.

First, drawing is my passionate. I drawing when I was a kid and until today, I still doing it.

So what have I learned ? Well, it is…

✧✧✧Never Give Up✧✧✧

  • Well, yeah. I know sometime you will have a feeling like “Gosh, I can’t take this anymore, Imma gonna drop it” I have had such thoughts, but my hand keeps drawing, because if I doesn’t good enough, and might not finish this as I expect, then let’s see how bad it is gonna to be.
  • And then you will realize that it’s not that bad! Thing seems pretty good! So I keep painting. And then…
  • WOW! Did I do that ? In that moment, I just know that If I quit from the first one, everything will never be like the current I have. I will never know what can I do.
  • And this is it. You might think “Wow, it’s already good enough, I think I will stop here, time for showing my work!” BUT NO! Please, don’t ever, never have that in your mind. You need to remember:
“The moment when you think everything is okay, then it isn’t”
  • As someone told me, there is always have 10 stages to finish the artwork, and people usually stop at the stage 7 because they think it’s good enough. But it doesn’t.
  • If you think your artwork is good enough that no need to improve, then export it in the IMG file. And shutdown your PC, go outside do some work, come back tomorrow, and watch that IMG file by yourself again, and you will realize it’s actually NOT FINISH YET.
  • So even the artwork above might look okay, but I keep improving it. And here is the final work.
  • You see? It’s totally different to the last one! Just remember, you never know what is going to happen next, until you do it. There is nothing perfect, if you keep doing, then it will become better and better.
  • Here is the TIPS that might need for you:
If you think that you can’t finish it, and it just look so ugly af. Then stop, save that file, and spend the rest of the day doing something else, and when you come back tomorrow, you will have a completely different look.
  • And here is the final artwork. Yeah, I know the detail doesn’t good, because this artwork is about “Photo Study” and I only focus on the face. Right now I’m still painting day by day. And maybe I will show you another one in the near future!
That’s all for now ! See you next time!

24 Oct 2018

Mr. Tofu