Why your business needs influencer marketing

If you aren’t doing any influencer marketing campaigns, then you’re not spending your budget correctly. This is one of the few immensely underpriced and ROI positive things out there at this time.

You might be wondering, what is influencer marketing?

This is marketing that focuses on key individuals that have a sway over a large crowd of people. You simply sell and promote your products/services through the people who’s opinion is trusted by their audience. It has been around forever, but now it is magnified x100 thanks to social media.


A lot of influencers have built up audiences which are passionate about whatever they are doing. More often than not, the influencers are experts in their field and therefore their audience trusts the recommendations they make. This provides businesses with great opportunities to convert that audience into paying customers.


Nobody likes to feel like they are being sold to, they want to be informed and entertained. People expect brands to talk with them rather that at them and social media provides the best way to do that. Brands can strategically partner with the right influencers to set off organic conversations and interest.

2 for 1

Influencers not only distribute your content to thousands, they also create it. A lot of them already have a certain style on their Instagram page so they will want to make the content however they see fit. And you should let them. You want that content with your product/service to come across as organic as possible as that’s where the magic happens. This means you will save money on photographers or other creative as all you have to do is provide the product/service.


For a couple of hundred, you can have your product seen by 10,000+ people. Never before has this kind of exposure been this cheap. However as more and more brands start to realise this, the price will go up, which is why you need to take advantage of this arbitrage ASAP!


There are many websites out there now that can show you exactly how much engagement a post has received. Even the insights within the social apps themselves show you the basic metrics. Companies are now able to measure conversions and ROI much more accurately. This gives them the chance to evaluate their campaigns and adjust their strategy accordingly, saving them money in the long run.

These are only some of the reasons for using influencer marketing. This is a very compelling way to increase conversions and also create relationships with influencers who are experts in the field. We all know word-of-mouth is the most powerful, and influencer campaigns are exactly that.