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Q: Is 2017 the greatest year in Australian game development?

ashley ringrose
Nov 1, 2017 · 6 min read

A: Yes.
I’m calling it early, with another month left I can confidently say that 2017 was the greatest year in Australian game development. Not the biggest, which would be determined by revenue, but greatest in terms of impact, variety, scope and yes even revenue.

In putting this list together it was actually quite hard to find a definitive list of Aussie games released. The best example was this article from Kotaku.

The easiest way to quantify the “greatest” year is in the number of releases, their relative successes and the variety. I’ll stack the deck in 2017’s favor by including previously releases games that are getting a re-release in other platforms (ports).

2017’s Australian game releases in alphabetical order.
Strap in as this is a long list with some major international hits.
Note: Update coming Dec 2. Lots more games to be added.

Phew! All that from a tiny country with slow internet :)

I want this to be the official record of Aussie game releases in 2017.
If I have missed a game (big or small) let me know. I’ve probably missed a bunch of mobile games.
Enter your games details here
I’ll update this list but also create a calendar.

Some quick analysis:
Total Games: 108!| Total Studios:
Studio’s Releasing First game in 2017: 52
Original IP: 90 | Licenced: 8 | Contract: 6 | Porting: 4
New: 94| Sequel: 9 | Port: 5
Most released games by a studio:
PlaySide Games (Vic) with 8 (slow down you’re making everyone else look bad!)
Most Successful Game*: Hollow Knight
State Breakdown: Victoria dominating but Qld hot on heels.
Vic: 43 | Qld: 31 | NSW: 16| SA: 9| WA: 4 | Act: 3| Tas: 2

There was a discussion on ‘What quantifies “most successful” game?’.
For games released in 2017 it was my personal thought that Hollow Knight would have sold the most, based on their total Steam reviews (14,000+ and 98% positive). It’s also reported to be over 500k sales. Critics loved it and of the various sites/Youtubers I read there’s still multiple mentions of the game every few months. It’s not an international phenomenon that Crossy Road was/is but it seems to be the “most successful” across a very good year for Aussie games.

Funnily until a few months ago I didnt even know it was an Aussie game, let alone in South Australia! I sent Team Cherry an email to say congrats (I had no other contact with them). No reply :/ But hey they are busy on the Switch port. And that’s was part of the reason to make this list. So many games flying under the radar.

Success IS important. Not just winning awards but actual sales. Sales = success = continuing on to make more games. To expand and grow the industry. 2017 might now have been the most financially successful year but the variety, scope and scale of games released by so many studios is a good sign.

All signs, based on games announced and the trend from last 5 years, talk to 2018 being even better!

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