The Boy who Climbed a Mountain

As a young boy peter always had an obsession with mountains, living in the Scottish highlands it leaves little wonder to understanding why with it’s scenery and being home to the tallest mountain in Scotland Ben Nevis.

He would often go off in to a dreamy state whenever driving by the scenery in his area, all of a sudden out of impulse peter went to the library looking intentionally for books on mountains.

Reading and flicking through book to book he could find there, looking for information, facts and mountains from around the world.

Then it struck him… finding this Monstrous mountain which some and some have failed to conquered EVEREST.

As the years gone by getting older his passion and somewhat obsession with mountains didn’t go away, It wasn’t until he was in his mid twenties he decided to come up with a plan to climb Everest.

People around him thought he was off his head and should forget about it.

‘’ It’s too risky’’ where the words uttered from family members , a good friend of his said… I think this might be pushing it a wee bit just think of the precautions.

It was never going to talk him out of it, with enough money saved up , and training for the climb he set off to Nepal for his venture to achieve his childhood dream.

People nearby who stayed near the mountain where telling him and other’s who were off to climb the mountain the dangers Involved and how some never return still no phasing Peter.

After getting to roughly half way and starting too feel sore thought’s went through his head ‘’ Is this really worth it I’m in Agony’’.

He had given in at this point and felt defeated at the stay deciding too sleep on the decision on the choice of going home or continue…. thoughts rushing through his head on the next move.

With some food and water to re-hydrate and re-energize , he thought to himself nah I can’t give in now I’ve came here for one specific reason and spent a lot of money on Plane Ticket, I need to do this.

Over the next few days the others climbing the mountain only some had made it to the Summit at Everest Base Camp .. and Peter.

A dream fulfilled and a joyous occasion feeling overwhelmed about the Situation.

Over the next few day’s and coming back to Scotland It took a while to sink In, he was starting to realize some real life lessons.

That people around you will tell you can’t, you have to be determined and totally focused on the outcome for the goal.

When people asked what was it like was it hard ?

He laughed it off and replied ‘’ It’s the most challenging but rewarding thing I’ve ever done’’.

Walking out one of the local pubs in his local area he said something to the barman, Life is a climb and a never ending process smiled finished his drink and left with thoughts of Everest, The Journey, The Struggle, The Climb.

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. — Nelson Mandela.