What I Learned Loosing a Parent at a Young Age.

It was late 2005 November 21st to be precise, literally three weeks before Christmas which would’ve been six days before my 13th birthday, where i would be carrying my dad’s body with other family members after loosing his battle with cancer the second time around.

I remember finding out a few weeks before and was a bit overwhelmed, my sisters were 17, 9 and 7… I remember hearing all the time ‘ you’re gonna be the man of the house’ bloody hell i thought what a lot of pressure to take on.

A few weeks before the funeral i wanted a word in peace with my dad and told him I’ll do my best to help my mum and sisters, i still remember people going home from school looking forward to getting drunk and god knows what else and there’s me saying ‘can’t wait to see my dad at the hospice’ , it definitely shifted my appreciation for things.

Thinking of the exact day i still remember clear as day like it was yesterday for all the wrong reasons shall we say… I wasn’t well and my gran told me i shouldn’t be here at the hospice so my sister took me to McDonalds by the time we got back we had found out that was his time up , I think when you loose anyone close to you it’s going to hurt it just is, you’re either going to become a stronger person mentally or break mentally that’s the way i see it.

Here’s a few things i learned over time.

You’re going to die one day so live a life you can be happy to call you’re own life is full of up’s and downs there is no escaping it.

Events such as Christmas will never be the same again

It just feels like there’s someone missing at the table and opening presents just doesn’t give you the satisfaction.

You appreciate things more than ever

Especially simple things like having a bed and being alive makes you grateful.

They’re still here in Spirit

You’re well aware they’re no longer with you in person but you still feel them close to you.

You see life Differently from most people

How you choose to see the world and life changes drastically.

You get annoyed when people don’t appreciate their parents

A part of you wants you to strangle them and tell them they should be thankful for their parents and not ungrateful because they’re angry for reasons such as they annoyed them, they wont give them money, i don’t think they fully appreciate what they do for them as their parents.

Family is Irreplaceable

Weather it’s you’re close circle of friends, you count as family, those loved ones nearby that will be there for you, you realize there importance in your life and are forever grateful for it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Just a suggestion? why not take the time to text or phone or email someone that means a lot to you and say something nice that makes them feel nice that you’ve went your way. You have nothing to lose i promise you!

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