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A JavaScript Semicolon

One of the most common JavaScript questions I am asked by students (apart from “Why??”) relates to the semicolon as a line terminator. Many websites and tutorials will briefly state that the use of semicolons in JavaScript is optional, which can leave the learner confused — should semicolons be used or not?

In this article, I’ll state my personal preference (feel free to disagree with me). But, first, where did all this semicolon business come from?

A Brief History Of The Semicolon

The short answer: semicolons are used so that the compiler or interpreter knows where the end of the statement is. …

This game programming competition has run every year since 1996. What is it and what is the point?

Now in the 24th year since its inception, it’s probably vying for the title of one of the world’s longest-running programming competitions. In nearly a quarter of a century, it has developed its own folklore and a multitude of in-jokes. The prizes are, at best, poor and, at worst, non-existent — even by the standards of the Great British Bake-Off (Baking Show for our US friends), and the accolade of “winner” is dubious, since it often comes with the responsibility of hosting the following year’s competition. …

Secure passwords are difficult for us to remember, but can be easy for computers to guess (XKCD). How can we increase security while still being able to remember our password?

The use of passwords to confirm identity is nothing new. In a Biblical account regarding civil war in Israel, the men of Ephraim who were fleeing from the Gileadites were asked for a password. In the book of Judges chapter 12 and verses 5 and 6 the account says:

“The men of Gilead would ask each one, ‘Are you an Ephraimite?’ When he would reply, ‘No!’ they would say to him, ‘Please say Shibboleth.’ …


Matt Rudge

Senior Developer, dinosaur, lecturer and mentor in full-stack development.

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