The life and time of Matt Ruiz

I was born in Greenville, Texas in July of the year 2000. I am a very active person and play a lot of sports. I like to play baseball, golf, and karate. I also enjoy woodworking and rock climbing in my free time. I want to do something related to either animals, designing, and teaching when I grow up. I have competed nationally in karate three times before. My favorite was when I went to South Dakota. My family and I went and saw Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore. I have a dog and a brother. My dogs name is Dubs and my brothers name is Nick.

Phil Brooks is someone who I look up to because he stands for something good and believes in the same stuff it do. He is drug free and doesn’t drink or smoke.

This is George Washington. He was the first president of the United States. It takes a strong man to lead this nation.

Barack Obama is the first black president. I admire that he rose above all the discrimination and segregation that he had to deal with. He rose up and became the first black president.

This represents that I want to be involved in nature when I am older. I want to live in a log cabin in the woods when I’m older and I love being outside. I also want a tattoo when I grow up. This is the best of both worlds.

America represents freedom to many different people around the world.

America is only possible when people come together and unite as one.

The bald eagle is the representation of freedom and the symbol of a stronger nation.

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