Why aren’t they working ???

Well guys today I’m gonna talk about the Bollywood romantic movies 🎥 not working from 5 years ?

Well the quite be understanding that audience are even getting educated over why and which are good movies to watch out with help of critics who guides them which is good things going around film market .

Not only that but people are gone themselves smart enough to choose rights things for them self they have there own look out as many opinions are available for them in market they have grown there level of expectations and now can understand cinema then before which was mere a film was seen for entertainment,even if we see they even technically and logically makes a look out and even they have got to know the genres,cinema type,rating ,revenue etc.

Let’s take An e.g. Housefull which was a romantic comedy movie which even had a recognizable actors and director still it made no work on box office as it was too much to carry the plotting of the movie which made the audience disappointed because they expected. Quality from the movie and not the quantity of unwanted plots and story lines in it .

Well from this we can make out a message that it’s a tough time for the films to make a hit on box office as audience are educated enough to understand the cinema and to make their choices from it they can’t be given just excuses and make them to pay for any rubbish things .

So thank you everyone to read this blog hope u like it 😊 -by mrunal thakur.

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