Process, Not Product

From #the100dayproject, The Great Discontent

I found #the100daysproject yesterday at The Great Discontent. I hadn’t been looking at Medium recently — life getting in the way — but I came across Halfway_051 by @NickCrocker, and I knew I had to do this. Nick talks about a few lessons that I already knew — lessons that I keep trying to press onto my kids — lessons that are about the value of showing up, of not getting hung up on goals and results. He’s working his way through #100days and writing some really great stuff. I don’t know if I will write anything profound over the course of #100days but for a change I need to put my words into action and DO this.

Point is, you just don’t know what will resonate. You just don’t know what people will NEED to hear. You don’t know what will help someone, somewhere. And the only way to find out is to show up. Consistently.

As the mom of athletes, I’ve delivered many lectures on the virtues of consistency. It’s about time I took my own medicine. I do a lot of things consistently — clean toilets, do laundry, drive to sports practice, make dinner — and I don’t see why I can’t write an essay a day. Consistently.

So thanks, @NickCrocker. You’re just over halfway through, I’m just starting. I’m glad I happened across Halfway _051. It’s just one more example of someone benefiting from a random essay that you probably didn’t think was the most profound thing you’d ever written — but I’m really glad I saw it on @Medium.