Better imbibable fluids?
Mark Marlboro

Let me set you “to zero curvature.” In August 1995, I met the crew of the Functional Analysis Group at Uni Tuebingen. They were all sitting around their professor’s office table drinking hot tea. I thought, “this is not going to be fun.” However, they very soon introduced me to a drinking game called leeres Kartoffel (empty potato, which is the name of my company, by the way.) It involved drinking an uncountable number of half-liter Hefeweizens sufficient to cause your bladder to explode. (I’m not sure if the potato that was empty was the poor, exploded bladder or the half-liter beer glass.) In any case, as a former sailor who was once waked-up by a police type (while sleeping in a tree) in Athens after a day of drinking Ouzo, I was impressed. These Mathematicians were imbibing serious liquids.

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