Your $20 donation to St. Jude will never help cure cancer — but what will?
Sara Barry

  1. People in ancient Egypt did not grow very old. Very high infant death rates due to high risks of infections resulted in an average age at death of 19 years. However, those who survived childhood had a life expectancy of 30 years for women* and 34 years for men.

2. Life expectance in USA, 1900–1998 (select years)

Year M F

1900 46.3 48.3

1919 53.5 56.0

1945 63.6 67.9

1998 73.8 79.5

3. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are TREATMENTS for cancer, largely meant to reduce symptoms, just as dialysis is a treatment, and NOT a cure for kidney failure. (Dialysis is meant to prolong the life of someone who has suffered kidney failure.) (see point 6)

4. Cancer cells differ from healthy cells in several ways, but most significant is that they do not exhibit apoptosis (cell death.) Consequently, certain types of cancer cells eventually develop into a large mass of cells (a tumor) that inhibits the proper functioning of healthy cells. This eventually leads to death.

5. Every person who has ever lived did so with cancerous cells in their body. Recent advances in the ability to detect these cancer cells is one reason for the increase is the diagnosis (not incidence) of cancers.

6. The membranes of cancer cells have significant differences to the membranes of healthy cells (having to do with the transport mechanism). This discovery was made only RECENTLY (at Louisiana State University.) The hope is this can lead to treatments that target cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells unaffected. Chemotherapy was not designed to target cancerous cells specifically because, in part, this difference in the cell types was unknown.

7. B 17 (Amygdalin, Laetrile) is a POISON (a cyanogenic glucoside - chemical compounds contained in foods that release hydrogen cyanide when chewed or digested) found in the pits of some fruits and nuts. Hydrogen cyanide, or as it is sometimes known, Prussic Acid, chemical formula HCN, is a poisonous gas that at one time was used in chemical warfare.

8. Ingestion of HCN interferes with the cell’s ability to use oxygen, disrupting the cells ability to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the necessary form of energy for certain cells, including heart muscle cells and nerve cells. Without energy, these cells ultimately die. HCN is not selective in which cells it targets.

9. The term vitamin B-17 was given to laetrile by E.T. Krebs Jr, but it is not an approved designation by the Committee on Nomenclature of the American Institute of Nutrition. This is not equivalent to saying it is a fabrication.

10. A 2006 review of controlled studies of Laetrile by Stefania Milazzo, Stephane Lejeune, and Edzard Ernst found the following:

Of 36 reports of studies of Laetrile,

  • No controlled clinical trials were found
  • Three articles were nonconsecutive case series, 2 were consecutive case series, 6 were best case series, and 25 were case reports, and
  • None of these publications proved the effectiveness of laetrile.

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