2016 Nissan Rogue #Nissan

In past, I would have most likely been bashing in this vehicle for being oversimplified, small, and out if date compared to other vehicles in this class. As it turns out, this company has gotten their act together in some manner or form to produce a worthwhile vehicle. So this time around I won’t be completely ripping this car apart.

The Nissan Rogue is a small crossover vehicle that doesn’t do much of the crossing over. This compact “SUV” isn’t exactly what I would consider an SUV as it sits too low to the ground to really be effective in the “Sports Utility” part of SUV. When I think SUV, I think of off-road capable boxes that can carry all of your equipment and still have room for passengers. If you were to put the Nissan Rogue in this situation I highly doubt that it’d be able to keep up. Heck, the cart is sitting at an angle like it’s a sports car and even has a front splitter. You might accidentally scrape the curb with your compact “SUV”. The Rogue even has a “sport” button for some reason. The way I see it, the Nissan Rogue is a bubbled up Nissan Altima with lifted seats to make you feel like your in a bigger vehicle.

Don’t get me wrong though, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of equipment that comes in a Rogue. This particular model had heated seats, a sunroof, steering wheel media controls, a dash screen, and the most surprising feature to me was the bird’s eye view back up camera. The Rogue even had an automatic rear hatch and push to start ignition. While driving around, I could appreciate the easy drive and large view out of the window. I even felt a slight pick-up from the engine as I accelerated onto the highway from the comfort of the leather seats. The rogue still has that one problem that I always talk about when it comes to some of these Japanese cars, the sound deadening. I could hear so much of the road as I was cruising around.

After a nice drive, I opened all of the doors to see how much space the Rogue really had which was very minimal. Besides the height, there really wasn’t much more room than an Altima which is exactly what I expected. A positive about the height is that you get hatchback trunk space which gives you a little more room for storage than the car it was built on.

This is a great vehicle for getting around in the suburbs and the city since you get fantastic gas mileage, enough space to carry everyone and thing around, and all while staying comfortable and off the ground a little bit. I can see this being a suitable first vehicle whether that means first car, the first year at college or maybe your first adult vehicle, the Rogue is well-rounded enough to handle it all. At the end of the day, I still don’t see the point of what most consider a crossover or a compact “SUV” since they don’t really do anything special that a car or normal SUV can’t do. I feel that it’s more for style and the feeling that you are driving a larger vehicle. I give it to Nissan though, they did a fantastic job putting so many buttons, options, and little extras in the compact vehicle.

I give it to Nissan though, they did a fantastic job putting so many buttons, options, and little extras in the compact vehicle. With a little more ride height and some suspension adjustments, I believe that this vehicle could have a chance to become useful. Until then this is just a simple vehicle to drive around that one would buy because it’s exactly what they like.

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Written by: Mr. Vance I. Paynter

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