Dontay McFly — Out in LA(VIDEO) @Dontay_Mcfly

I love a great chill song that can be played in a multitude of situations. A song that stretches play time from riding around in your car after a great day to escaping down an empty road land surfing or your longboard. Sometimes you just need that perfect song to put you in a relaxed mood or to compliment that relaxed state of mind you’re already in. Well, I have happened upon a gem that will be sure to go along with or set the right mood.

This artist goes by the name Dontay McFly debuts his new track, “Out in LA” which is full of straight West Coast vibe. I personally love a song that starts with a serine jazz sample that has some female vocals to go along with it. This beat is a well-balanced combination of NY technique and LA vibrations. This is the type of beat that will have anyone reminiscing on a past beautiful day. You know one of those days when the sun is out and there are not too many clouds in the sky, the breeze is just right so that it’s not too hot, and everything just seems to be going your way.

Dontay McFly brings his A game as he comes in quick witted spitting one-liners that are going to go over most people’s heads. He still manages to spit slow and concise as if to make sure you hear every word he’s speaking. Dontay has plenty of fun with his metaphors and similes as he gives the industry a taste of what real alliteration sounds like. He does justice over this beat setting a tone that most can’t even put into perspective. “Out in LA” is all about what Dontay sees around him taken in through his vision of the world. He has leveled up in this industry and wants everyone to know that he’s here to stay.

“Out in LA” is a great track to symbolize the feeling one might have from being on the shores of California. Dontay McFly paints some great scenery and pictures so that you may relate and try to see his life as he does. Everyone needs a little beach time in their life and this track is a great way to get a little closer without being there completely.

Watch Dontay McFly’s video for “Out in LA” here:

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