Career over Relationships

I’m twenty years old, and I have been in civil marriages in the sum of four complete years. That affected me as most as possible, but a while ago I did a lot of decisions, indeed, through sufferings and psychological efforts. This is the fourth month when I’m almost free from the feeling of being a person who is enclosed in a cage. To be honest, just literally.

I used to be with somebody. There is recently quite a lot of interest in issues concerned related with love and being with yourself in my age. Relationships that initiated by blind adolescents based only on feelings do not bring benefits solely due to the fact that they have no understanding what is going on. Assuredly, nor do they know what will happen in the future. This circumstance strikes them when there is a severance of relations and the dissonance emerge between what was supposed to be and how it happened. This is equivalent to very profound depression because of special susceptibility and, in some way, righteous belief in assumptions, not in the rational judgment. Rationality insinuates that relationships are not the specific goal in my age.

Let me make the list of two conclusions for your consideration.

First of all, can you wholehearted answer the question, are you confident in your future? Hoping for a full understanding of the answer, is your future shaped, or this is simply a presumption? In average, most of my relatives respond to this question with a modicum of uncertainty. This fact emphasizes the need of work on as getting material wealth, as obtaining personal qualities. Intrinsically, if you have an unobstructed panoramic view of what is happening then, and everything works like a conveyor belt, you can start thinking about the future relationship. In this case, the following additional question appears: do you know how to develop further and has this development a limit? Utterly no. Correspondingly, as I mentioned before, you can start a relationship but do not forget about yourself, that is the central point. The main thing you need to do in the following ten years is a cultivating your self-sufficiency along with the attempt to convey this concept to your beloved.

The main thing you need to do in the following ten years is a cultivating your self-sufficiency.

The second point. The relationship without an intelligible goal is a mash of troubles and hopes that engenders educative character qualities that lead to thoughts that I’m trying to prescribe herein. I’m attempting to denounce the empirical intent that movement together should be the goal of themselves. A shared inseparable future construction is an exhaustive importance. Persuasion of bringing something to this world together is a way of building this relationship. Moreover, it also applies to the career of each link in a couple. These three points above are rationally compelling arguments of making a great work at the same time as making an interrelation. An understanding that the couple is seeded in twenty years should have a more fundamental basis because it is more vulnerable to circumstances. Thereto firmly attached the career because this is the major core of challenges. In opposite of this, overcoming this difficulty together making only more strengths relationship.

In a conclusion. Why life in which activity is locally purposeful, nonetheless, rather myopic for construction the relationship, creates the irrational ground for making such important decisions? When we are building a career, it became more clear to us, because we recognize our goals from various angles. I’d like to introduce the hypothesis that the work with many people which is directed locally is a sandbox for the fundamental and visionary relationship with one person. This part is concerned with the design of effective means for attaining our goals in mutual relationships. Well-studied one can be taken for the following.